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****** 2nd Announcement ******
The 12th East Asian VLBI workshop 2019 (EAVW-2019)
Mito, Ibaraki, Japan, 24 Sep. - 26 Sep. 2019

* Registration for the workshop is opened.
* Registration fee is
  (Regular) 15,000 JPY (including banquet fee 7,500 JPY and welcome reception fee 2,500 JPY)
  (Student) 10,000 JPY (including banquet fee 5,000 JPY and welcome reception fee 1,500 JPY)
* Details of the excersion is decided [additional 2,000-3,000 JPY [TBD] is needed].

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that "the 12th East Asian VLBI Workshop" will be hosted by Ibaraki University in Japan. The workshop will take place on September 24-26 2019. 

Since the release of the first EAVN call for proposal in April 2018, the EAVN array is now in its real operation with 10 stations (KaVA, Tianma, Nanshan and Nobeyama). The EAVW-2019 will be the first meeting after this milestone, while an increasing number of exciting results are coming out with KaVA, the core array of EAVN. We will discuss and highlight various science topics studied by EAVN/KaVA as well as by individual VLBI facilities VERA/KVN/CVN/JVN. This will include active galactic nuclei, star formation, evolved stars, astrometry, micro quasars, pulsars, transients, multi-messenger science etc. We will also highlight various ongoing developments of the array capability and instruments as well as the near-future expansion of the network into Ibaraki, Yamaguchi, Kunming, Thailand, Italy, Australia etc.

Moreover, the VLBI community in East Asia is increasingly involved with EHT and SKA. Therefore we will also discuss how EAVN can play a unique role in the era of such huge facilities. This will include "EAVN-high" that includes JCMT/GLT and "EAVN-low" that includes FAST, as well as joining a global VLBI network. 

 Important dates
May/24    : 1st announcement, hotel reservation opens
July/10   : deadline for submission of titles for participants who require a visa
July/25   : deadline for hotel reservation
Aug./10   : deadline for submission of titles and abstract for all participants
TBD       : final announcement

 Tentative Schedule
Sep./23 : EAVN Science Working Group (from [no earlier than] 11:00 am), Welcome Reception
Sep./24 : EAVW-2019
Sep./25 : EAVW-2019, Excursion, Banquet
Sep./26 : EAVW-2019
Sep./27 : Directors' meeting

The workshop will be held at the Mito Campus, Ibaraki University.

You can choose Tokyo Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, and Ibaraki Airport.

The Welcome Reception will be held near Mito station.

The Banquet is held at Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito.

Registration Fee is
  (Regular) 15,000 JPY (including banquet fee 7,500 JPY and welcome reception fee 2,500 JPY), and
  (Student) 10,000 JPY (including banquet fee 5,000 JPY and welcome reception fee 1,500 JPY).
Registration Fee also includes refreshments.

It should be noted that all the participants who require visa must be registered until 10th July. The registration deadline for other participants will be 10th August. The application deadline of all the contributed talks and posters is also 10th August.

LOC have reserved 20 single rooms at Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito (where the Banquet will take place) with somewhat discount rate from the night of Sep./22 to the morning of Sep./27. Price for one night (with breakfast) is 12,000 JPY (includes taxes and charges), except for the night of Sep./23 (8,300 JPY). Unfortunately, you cannot specify non-smoke / smoking. Thus, if you want to specify non-smoke / smoking, please make a reservation by yourself from the web page of the hotel.

If you want to reserve the Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito with the above plan, please send the format below to the LOC ( before July/25th.

For other hotels, LOC will not offer supports on your accommodation, because there are a lot of choices for accommodation services in Mito. 

Please note that the hotels at Mito will be crowded because of the national sports festival, so it's better to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Some hotels near Mito stations:
Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito

Daiwa Roynet Hotel MITO


People from Korea, Japan, Australia, US and most of European countries do not need visas for short stay. The People's Republic of China Passport Holders are required to have travel permit. (Please check the need on the web site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan:

LOC will help to apply it. 

Banquet will be held on Sep. 25th and all the participants of the workshop are welcome.

On the afternoon of Sept. 25th (2nd day of the workshop, before banquet), we will visit the Ibaraki station (Hitachi and Takahagi 32-m telescopes) located 50 km north of Mito by chartered buses. We also visit sake brewer "Kiuchi Brewery".

Tentative schedule is as follows:
12:30 leave Mito, lunch box will be provided in the bus.
13:30 arrive at the Ibaraki station
15:00 leave Ibaraki station
15:30 visit a Sake brewer
16:00 leave a Sake brewer
17:30 return to the JR Mito station
(18:30 Banquet at Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito, near the JR Mito station)

Note that tour fee is not included in the registration fee.

More information will be provided on the workshop web page later on, and 
if you have any questions, please feel free to contact to LOC anytime at

We are looking forward to meeting you at the workshop in Ibaraki, Japan.    

Best regards,
Kazuhiro HADA (SOC Chair)
Yoshinori YONEKURA (LOC Chair)
On behalf of the SOC/LOC

SOC members:
Keiichi Asada (ASIAA)
Kitiyanee Asanok (NARIT)
Lang Cui (XAO)
Kazuhiro Hada (Chair, NAOJ)
Longfei Hao (YAO)
Hiroshi Imai (Kagoshima University)
Taehyun Jung (KASI)
Sang-Sung Lee (KASI)
Kotaro Niinuma (Yamaguchi University)
Koichiro Sugiyama (NAOJ)
Kiyoaki Wajima (KASI)
Yoshinori Yonekura (LOC Chair, Ibaraki University)
Bo Zhang (SHAO)

Registration Form

Please send the following format to

Title: (Prof./Dr./Mr./Ms./others[please input the title if you choose "others"])
First name
Middle name
Last(Family) name
Position (Professor, Student, etc.)
E-mail address

Welcome Reception (choose one of the followigs): attending / may attending / may not attending / not attending
Special request for food (Vegetarian etc.): 

Tour (additional 2,000-3,000 JPY [TBD][no discount for student!] is needed [lunch-box will be provided]): yes I go!/ no

Request for an account to connect the internet in Ibaraki University [*1]: yes / no
[*1] Please select "no", if your institute participates in eduroam (you can connect the internet through eduroam in Ibaraki University). 

Presentation: yes/no
(if yes, please fill the followings)
Oral / Poster
Abstract (200-300 words)

Invitation letter request for VISA: yes / no
*** if yes, please fill out the attatched file and send it back to ********

Hotel Reservation Form

Please send the format below to the LOC (
no later than July/25th.

Rooms are available on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that you cannot specify non-smoke room/ smoking room.
Price for one night (with breakfast) is 12,000 JPY (includes taxes and charges), except for the night of Sep./23 (8,300 JPY). 

Acceptable dates are from the night of Sep./22 to the morning of Sep./27.
Shorter periods (such as the check-in date of Sep./23) can be accepted.
First Name:
Last Name:
Email address:
Check-in date:
Check-out date: