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Science Working Group Schedule (23/Sep.)

all the meetings are held at the No."D-E" buildings of the College of Science, Ibaraki University

11:00-13:00: Astrometry @ lecture room #3

11:00-17:00: Evolved Star @ lecture room #1

Announcement from the EAVN Science Working Group on Evolved Stars

We, EAVN Evolved Stars SWG, are planning a face-to-face meeting during the forthcoming 
12th East Asian VLBI Workshop held in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan during 11:00-17:00 JST. 
The venue of the meeting in the campus of Ibaraki University will be announcement separately. 

The ES SWG aims to develop new science and technical strategies for study on evolved stars. 
We are now focusing our interests in long-period pulsating stars hosting circumstellar water and 
silicon-monoxide masers, which are nowadays able to be simultaneously observed with the 
Korean VLBI Network (KVN), Nobeyama 45 m telescope (NRO), and VERA (forthcoming). 
As our major activity, we are conducting a KaVA(EAVN) Large Program project on circumstellar 
masers, so-called ESTEMA (EAVN Synthesis of Stellar Maser Animations) since 2018 May. 

Here, we would like to invite you for participating the F2F meeting in order to exchange 
our knowledge and experiences on study on circumstellar masers in radio interferometry 
through our kind contributions to oral presentations. A draft program of the F2F meeting 
is described as follows. 

11:00-12:45  Welcome and reports on the individual activities 
13:45-15:00  Present and future commissioning strategies 
15:20-17:00  ESTEMA in 2020s  

We are very happy with new SWG members and colleagues who have specific oral presentations 
(10-15 min) in F2F meeting. We are looking forward to seeing you in our SWG F2F meeting. 
We also welcome the colleagues who hope to join via Skype (please contact to the SWG Chair). 

11:00-17:00: Star Formation @ lecture room #2

Science sub-WG for star-formation 100th memorial

Date:   9/23(Mon) 11:00-17:00
Method: f2f and skype
Place:  Ibaraki University (Mito-city, Ibaraki, Japan)


Regular meeting (11:00-12:30)
 11:00 HIROTA:            Report of current status
 12:00 Ross A. Burns:     The SFLP wiki page


Science talks (13:30-17:00)
 13:30 Tomoya Hirota:     Report of KaVA 2nd year and ALMA cycle 3 data
 14:00 Koichiro Sugiyama: Next Large Program with the future EAVN at
 14:30 Jungha Kim:        Present status of monitoring data analysis on
                          G25.82-0.17 and others
 15:00 Coffee break
 15:30 Ji-hyun Kang:      Progress on G10.34-0.14
 16:00 Eodam Hwang:       Pipeline present status, and preliminary
                          result & plan for G19.61
 16:30 All:               Discussion
                          Publication plan of KaVA LP
                          Future EAVN LP
                          Collaboration with M2O and other projects
 17:00 Closing

14:00-17:00: AGN @ lecture room #3

EAVN AGN Sci. WG face-to-face meeting program

2019 Sep 23 (Mon)
JST 14:00-16:55

14:00-14:05 welcome

sprint talk
14:05-14:15 (7+3)  3C84 (Oh)

EAVN evaluation/update/task-allocation
14:15-14:25 (7+3)   status of EAVN tech paper  (Cui)
14:25-14:40 (10+5)  Tianma Tsys issue          (Jiang)
14:40-15:00 (15+5)  (i)  NRO45 update
                               (ii) applying template method to Tianma data (Sawada)
15:00-15:20 (15+5)  KaVA polarimetry    (Sohn)
15:20-15:45 (15+10) EAVN update plan and task allocation (Hada & all)

~15 min break

EAVN Large Program (LP)
16:00-16:10  (5) brief review on LP in 2019B (Kino)
16:10-16:20  (5) brief review on LP in 2020A (Wajima)
16:20-16:55 (35) EHT+EAVN 2020-Spring 
                          (i) To do list (Hada)
                          (ii) Discussion (all)

~17:00 The room is locked by the LOC.

Let us go to the welcome party!