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Program and Presentation Files

Sep./23 :
Sep./24 : EAVW-2019
Sep./25 : EAVW-2019, Excursion, Banquet
Sep./26 : EAVW-2019
Sep./27 : Directors' meeting

pdf version of the program can be downloaded: oral presentation, poster presentation

The size of the poster board is 840 mm (width) x 1600 mm (height). (A0 [840 mm x 1188 mm] can be posted.)

Sep 23th (Monday): EAVN Science Working Group Meeting (@ Building "D-E" of the College of Sicence)
11:00-13:00 Astrometry SWG @ Lecture room #3
11:00-17:00 Evolved stars SWG @ Lecture room #1
11:00-17:00 Star forming regions SWG @ Lecture room #2
14:00-17:00 AGN SWG @ Lecture room #3
19:00-21:00 Welcome Reception @ a bar "Back packer" near JR Mito station
Sep 24th (Tuesday): EAVN Workshop day 1 (@ "Interview Studio", Building "K" of the College of Science)
9:00-9:10 Opening remarks
9:10-12:20 Session 1: Projects in East Asia Chair: Byun Do-Young (before break) & Mareki Honma (after break)
9:10-9:35 Kiyoaki Wajima KASI First-Year Achievements of Open Use Program with the East Asian VLBI Network
9:35-9:50 Taehyun Jung KASI KVN and E-KVN project: progress and plans
9:50-10:05 Kenta Fujisawa Yamaguchi University JVN Updates
10:05-10:20 Longfei Hao YAO The 40m telescope in Kunming station and the cooperation with EAVN
10:20-10:35 Zhong Chen SHAO Shanghai VLBI Center operation status and updates
10:35-10:50 Coffee break & poster session
10:50-11:05 Satoki Matsushita ASIAA GLT, JCMT, and the East Asian High Frequency VLBI
11:05-11:20 Izumi Mizuno EAO VLBI Observation Status as JCMT
11:20-11:45 Tao An SHAO SKA1-VLBI Science Overview Invited
11:45-12:10 Di Li NAOC FAST A+: Combining Small and Big Invited
12:10-13:20 Lunch break & poster session
13:20-15:25 Session 2: AGN I: M87, SgrA and nearby AGN Chair: Kazuhiro Hada
13:20-13:45 Geoffrey Bower ASIAA First Results from the Event Horizon Telescope Invited
13:45-14:10 Motoki Kino Kogakuin Univ./NAOJ Summary of KaVA/EAVN observations of M87 and Sgr A* in 2014-2018 SWG review
14:10-14:25 Fumie Tazaki NAOJ Imaging the black hole shadow of M87
14:25-14:40 Yuzhu Cui NAOJ Structure variation of M87 jet base revealed by EAVN 2017-2019 campaign
14:40-14:55 Hyunwook Ro Yonsei University/ KASI Spectrum evolution of M87 jet revealed with KaVA Large Program observations
14:55-15:10 Xiaolong Yang KIAA/SHAO High resolution VLBI study of an changing-look AGN
15:10-15:25 Nattida Samanso NARIT HI Observations of MaNGA Galaxies with the Green Bank Telescope
15:25-15:50 Coffee break & poster session
15:50-18:00 Session 3: AGN II: Blazars and relativistic jets Chair: Lang Cui
15:50-16:15 Masanori Nakamura ASIAA Expectations of the EAVN from Theoretical Issues on AGN Jets Invited
16:15-16:30 Minchul Kam SNU Multifrequency polarimetric observations of blazars with the KVN, SMA, and JCMT
16:30-16:45 Kunwoo Lee SNU The overall observational results of 2 yr KaVA monitoring of FSRQ 1928+738
16:45-17:00 Sincheol Kang KASI/UST Interferometric Monitoring of GAmma-ray Bright AGNs
17:00-17:15 Juan Carlos Algaba Marcos University of Malaya A follow-up of the 4C 38.41 innermost jet: Origins and evolution of its emission
17:15-17:30 Rusen Lu SHAO Resolving the jet base of PKS 1749+096
17:30-17:45 Jun Yi Koay ASIAA 15 GHz interday variability of 1158 OVRO-monitored blazars
17:45-18:00 Yosuke Furuya Yamaguchi University The VLBI survey of AGN jets at z > 3 by JVN subarray
18:00-18:10 Coffee break & poster session
18:10-18:55 Discussion 1: How to organize EAVN-high activities Moderators: Kenta Fujisawa, Byun Do-Young & Keiichi Asada
18:10-18:25 Kenta Fujisawa Yamaguchi University East ASIA VLBI Network Observations at 230 GHz Invited
18:25-18:55 Disucssion time
Sep 25th (Wednesday): EAVN Workshop day 2 (@ "Interview Studio", Building "K" of the College of Science)
8:45-10:00 Session 4: Developments and calibration Chair: Longfei Hao
8:45-9:00 Seog-Tae Han KASI A development of compact triple band receiver for millimeter-wave radio astronomy
9:00-9:15 Weiye Zhong SHAO A K-Band Seven-Beam Cryogenic Receiver for the TMRT
9:15-9:30 Sho Masui Osaka Prefecture Univ. Development of wideband circular polarizer in millimeter wave band
9:30-9:45 Bong Won Sohn KASI/UST KaVA polarization test
9:45-10:00 Jongho Park ASIAA A new strategy for polarization calibration of VLBI data and an improved view of linear polarization of AGN jets at millimeter wavelengths
10:00-10:15 Coffee break & poster session
10:15-12:25 Session 5: Collaboration beyond East Asia Chair: Taehyun Jung
10:15-10:40 Marcello Giroletti INAF-IRA EVN, EATING VLBI, transients Invited
10:40-10:55 Francisco Colomer JIVE Update on EVN and JIVE and the Global VLBI Alliance
10:55-11:10 Chris Phillips CSIRO Status Update of the LBA
11:10-11:35 Phrudth Jaroenjittichai NARIT Progress of the 40m TNRT and RANGD project Invited
11:35-12:00 Zamri Zainal Abidin University of Malaya Radio Astronomy in Malaysia Invited
12:00-12:25 Taufiq Hidayat Institut Teknologi Bandung Radio Astronomy Activities in Indonesia Invited
12:30-17:30 Tour to Hitachi and Takahagi radio telescopes and to a sake brewer
18:30- Banquet @ Hotel Terrace the Garden Mito, near JR Mito station
Sep 26th (Thursday): EAVN Workshop day 3 (@ "Interview Studio", Building "K" of the College of Science)
9:00-10:55 Session 6: Star forming regions Chair: Koichiro Sugiyama
9:00-9:25 Tomoya Hirota NAOJ KaVA Large Program for Star-formation SWG review
9:25-9:40 Jungha Kim SOKENDAI/NAOJ Multiple outflows in the high-mass cluster forming region, G25.82-0.17
9:40-9:55 Kitiyanee Asanok NARIT The proper motions of water masers at 22 GHz in W49N star-forming region measured with KaVA
9:55-10:10 Eodam Hwang KASI/UST Preliminary Imaging Result for G19.61 using ParselTonge Pipeline
10:10-10:25 Ross Burns NAOJ/KASI The accretion bursting flare in the high-mass SFR G358.93-00.03 II: VLBI monitoring
10:25-10:40 Gang Wu XAO SMA, VLA, and VLBA observations of a high-mass star formation region G026-0.28
10:40-10:55 Kazuhito Motogi Yamaguchi University The survey on compact radio sources by highly sensitive JVN subarray
10:55-11:10 Coffee break & poster session
11:10-12:05 Session 7: Evolved stars Chair: Kityanee Asanok
11:10-11:35 Hiroshi Imai Kagoshima University Current progress in ESTEMA and relevant EAVN commissioning SWG review
11:35-11:50 Youngjoo Yun KASI Results of KVN observations toward evolved stars
11:50-12:05 Akiharu Nakagawa Kagoshima University Astrometric VLBI observation of Extreme-OH/IR stars with VERA
12:05-13:15 Lunch break & poster session
13:15-14:40 Session 8: Astrometry Chair: Bo Zhang
13:15-13:40 Nobuyuki Sakai KASI Current and Future Activities for KaVA/EAVN Astrometry Working Group SWG review
13:40-13:55 Shuangjing Xu SHAO Verifying Gaia Astrometric Results of Stars with VLBI Astrometry
13:55-14:10 Daisuke Sakai NAOJ Parallax and proper motions measurement of 22 GHz water maser sources toward the CMZ with VLBI astrometric observations
14:10-14:25 Haneul Yang SNU/KASI Parallax estimation toward the symbiotic star, V627 Cas, showing the asymmetric H2O and SiO maser distribution
14:25-14:40 Pengfei Jiang XAO Parallax measurements of AR Scorpii with phase-referenced VLBI
14:40-15:05 Coffee break & poster session
15:05-16:00 Session 9: Multi-messenger, transients, pulsars Chair: Kotaro Niinuma
15:05-15:30 Tomoki Morokuma University of Tokyo Optical Time Domain and Multi-Messenger Astronomy Invited
15:30-15:45 Sujin Eie NAOJ / UTokyo Observed radio variabilities of a magnetar XTE J1810-197 after its revived radio outburst
15:45-16:00 Takuya Akahori NAOJ K-band VLBI Observation of Magnetar Radio Outburst
16:00-17:00 Discussion 2: SKA/FAST-VLBI, Global-VLBI, EAVN LP etc. Moderators: Hideyuki Kobayashi, Mareki Honma & Taehyun Jung
17:00-17:05 Closing remarks

P1 Dong-Kyu Jung KASI KJCC Correlation status for EAVN
P2 Se-Jin Oh KASI VLBI Correlator Core for E-KVN and EAVN using GPU
P3 Yasuhiro Murata JAXA Construction of JAXA's new deep space ground station and its VLBI activities
P4 Hui Zhang SHAO Implementation of Sheshan VGOS Station
P5 Jian Dong SHAO Continuum observation system at the TMRT
P6 JaeSik Shin KASI Web-based VLBI operation information system and big data connection
P7 Cong Liu SHAO Research on broadband cryogenic receivers
P8 Yun Yu SHAO Doppler search
P9 Jeffrey Hodgson KASI Using Gaussian Process Regression to get more out of your VLBI data
P10 Bong Won Sohn KASI/UST EATING VLBI report
P11 Wu Jiang SHAO Reveal the M81 jet
P12 Hiroshi Sudou Gifu University The Ring-like Distribution of the Water Masers in the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 1068
P13 Satoko Sawada-Satoh Yamaguchi University Parsec-scale molecular torus revealed by 3-mm VLBI
P14 Sincheol Kang KASI/UST Collaboration between MOGABA and POLAMI
P15 Sang-Hyun Kim KASI/UST Interferometric Monitoring of Gamma-ray Bright AGNs: A multi-frequency study of CTA 102 during the most prominent gamma-ray flare activity in 2016-2017
P16 Daewon Kim SNU Gamma-ray flares in the relativistic jet of the quasar 3C 273 during 2015--2019
P17 Shoko Koyama ASIAA Study of TeV blazar Mrk 501 with EAVN-hi
P18 Jee Won Lee KASI Multiwavelength study of OJ 287
P19 Naeun Shin SNU Revealing the relation between the accretion rate and jet properties of blazars using multi-high- frequency polarization observation
P20 Sungmin Yoo Chungbuk National Univ./KASI Multiwavelength analysis of 3C 279
P21 Koichiro Sugiyama NAOJ/NARIT The accretion bursting flare in the high-mass SFR G 358.93-00.03 I: Single-dish monitoring
P22 Yukari Imaizumi Yamaguchi University Time changes in the correlation of the flux variations between 6.7GHz methanol maser spectral components in high mass star formation region Monoceros R2
P23 Tatsuya Ogura Yamaguchi University The VLBI survey of Extremely Compact Hll regions associated with a high mass star just after nuclear ignition using Kashima - Hitachi baseline
P24 Se-Hyung Cho KASI Studies on Evolved Stars Using KVN
P25 Nobuyuki Sakai KASI Structure and Kinematics of the Galactic Spiral Arms and the Warp
P26 Bo Zhang SHAO Ionospheric delay calibration in VLBI phase-referencing at low frequency
P27 Jeong-Sook Kim KASI Hour-scale jet evolution on quenching state of microquasar Cygnus X-3 in 2006